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Season 1

S1, Ep1
15 Dec. 2017
Chapter 1: Suicide Revealed
6.8 (239)
In 1953, an Army scientist named Frank Olson jumped or fell out of a hotel room window in NYC. 22 years later, Rockefeller Commission report points a finger at the secret CIA experiments with LSD.
S1, Ep2
15 Dec. 2017
Chapter 2: A Terrible Mistake
6.9 (177)
Post Rockefeller Commission revelations, the US government tries to placate the family. In New York, Dr. Frank Olson is deemed a security risk by his bosses and taken to see a psychiatrist.
S1, Ep3
15 Dec. 2017
Chapter 3: The Forbidden Threshold
6.9 (158)
One trip to New York morphs into two when Frank suffers a setback on the way home. Decades later, an apprehensive Eric checks into room 1018A.
S1, Ep4
15 Dec. 2017
Chapter 4: Opening the Lid
7.1 (147)
A hotel worker overhears a curious phone call the night of Frank's death. In 1994, a forensics expert exhumes the body to find compelling new clues.
S1, Ep5
15 Dec. 2017
Chapter 5: Honorable Men
6.9 (141)
Frank's growing concerns about Cold War activities raise alarm bells at the CIA. A frustrated Eric launches a last-ditch bid for closure.
S1, Ep6
15 Dec. 2017
Chapter 6: Remember Me
7.1 (137)
Thanks to Seymour Hersh, Eric finally learns the truth - but at a maddening cost. In room 1018A, Frank faces off with two mysterious men.

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