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Những Bà Mẹ Công Sở 6 - Workin' Moms Season 6
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Season 6

S6, Ep1
10 May 2022
Kate Fosters
7.5 (92)
Kate struggles with a major change in the Foster household. As promised, Sloane makes Kate's work life a living hell. Luckily, Anne and the Carlson's have moved back from Cochrane - well, most of them.
S6, Ep2
10 May 2022
Warm Lunch
7.4 (76)
Suspicious of Nathan Jr.'s behaviour, Kate looks to Anne for advice. But the guidance she needs come from a surprising source. Meanwhile, a promising book proposal reunites rivals Kate and Sloane.
S6, Ep3
10 May 2022
Bye Bye Goldie
7.4 (75)
Jenny and MCP face the consequences of mixing business with pleasure. Kate makes a tough choice at work after a surprising discovery. And in Cochrane, there's a bumpy legal road ahead for Lionel.
S6, Ep4
10 May 2022
The Big One
7.5 (78)
Val invites the gal pals to her birthday - Well, she invites them to plan her birthday. A conflict between our ladies at the party causes the day to go off the rails until Sloane and Kate turn things around.
S6, Ep5
10 May 2022
Jazz Addict
7.6 (71)
Kate urges Nathan Jr. to loosen up and discover his wild side. MCP tries to solve problems the quick way, but Jenny isn't willing to cut corners. Anne struggles to keep her trademark anger in check.
S6, Ep6
10 May 2022
Oh. Ohh. Ohhh.
7.4 (72)
Kate plays detective after finding a mysterious phone number in Nathan's pocket. Anne's explosive personality lands her in Anger Management. And Sloane's ultrasound appointment goes a little too well.
S6, Ep7
10 May 2022
Goin' Fishin'
7.8 (68)
Kate helps Nathan build a connection with Nathan Jr. Anne joins Lionel in Cochrane to support his big day in court. Jenny feels edged out of her own wedding planning while Sloane's love life heats up.
S6, Ep8
10 May 2022
Poke the Bear
7.6 (62)
A surprise move from Goldie sends Kate and Sloane's joint project into a tailspin. Upon returning from Cochrane, tensions between Lionel and Anne are higher than ever.
S6, Ep9
10 May 2022
7.5 (63)
Kate discovers Charlie has an imaginary friend, while her business is under fire. The Carlsons reluctantly host a guest from Cochrane. A stubborn Jenny comes to terms with painful realities.
S6, Ep10
10 May 2022
Bachelorette, But Make It Spooky
7.7 (71)
It's Jenny's bachelorette party, and Val booked a haunted house. But when a storm and an unwanted visitor pose a real threat, the ladies will have to band together if they want to survive the night.
S6, Ep11
10 May 2022
The Break
7.4 (64)
After a push from Anne, Kate doubles down on micromanaging things at work. But her hands-on approach will soon come under fire.
S6, Ep12
10 May 2022
The Scary Things
7.8 (69)
Kate disappears on a personal day but neglects to tell her family. An invigorated Sloane reasserts herself at Wynston. Jenny faces a difficult but necessary choice.
S6, Ep13
10 May 2022
Grow If You Want
8.4 (108)
Kate may never 'have it all,' but she's finally closer to finding a balance. Anne has a breakthrough at anger management. And Nathan Jr. makes a big decision.

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